Professional Fish Spa


 Why Our professional "Fish Spa" tanks?

The answer is simple. We have the best quality. Only we have created for this purpose. Others adapt existing products taken away from home aquarium systems.


tanks and filtration in standart offers. mass-produced tanks with external filter. glas 6-8mm. volume 60-180L. filtration nominal 1000-1200L/h. filtervolume 10-15L


 our product (2 - person tank):


glas 12mm. volume 280 L. filtration 2000-3000L/H. filtervolume 140L

 Only one of many differences


We are offering you a Fish Spa set which includes:

  1. Big fish tank, which gives a lot of living space for the fish and is  easy to maintain.
 2. Filters - we have designed a special filtration system with a water sterilisation system. Mechanical and biological filtration system with UV lights which gives excellent water quality and is very easy to maintain. The whole filtration system is invisible from the costumers. We don't use externall filter. our system is 4-5 x stronger.
 3. Seat and frame - the whole set is built on the very safe and strong metal frame which gives flexibility to the outer frame which can be built to any specific order. That means you can choose any colour and design. To ensure our costumer satisfaction we produce a very wide and comfortable seating area which could be done in any colour you wish.

1- Person tank for 150-200 fish


2-Person tank for 200-300 fish